Matilda Ekholm, Kajsa Bergqvist, Mattias Sunneborn tävlar i Eurogames 

Bild lånad från Eurogames
Bild lånad från Eurogames


Two of Sweden’s most beloved top athletes, Kajsa Bergqvist and Mattias Sunneborn, will be participating in the EuroGames Stockholm 2015. Table tennis player and European Championships bronze medalist Matilda Ekholm will accompany them. Kajsa Bergqvist will be competing in tennis alongside Maria Strandlund Tomsvik. Mattias Sunneborn is, together with the Veteran Team M40 (Magnus Nilsson, Angel Ahola, Peter Wallin), competing in 4x100m. Eurogames Stockholm 2015 will be held August 5th to 9th 2015.

EuroGames, one of the largest LGBT events in the world, was founded in order to fight discrimination, as well as promote and support the right to participate in sports, regardless of gender and sexuality.

- EuroGames Stockholm stands behind a good message that needs more visibility. Above all, in order to increase acceptance and understanding, says Mattias Sunneborn.

- I’m really excited to compete in my second sport, tennis, during EuroGames Stockholm, says Kajsa Bergqvist.

- EuroGames Stockholms primary purpose is to work towards equality regardless of gender identity, gender expression, ethnicity or sexual orientation within sports, culture and politics. To have recognized and public athletes participate and show their standpoint is of utmost importance to increase the awareness concerning these questions as well as appealing more people to take a stance and visit EuroGames Stockholm August 5 to 9, says Jakob Jansson, Chairman of Eurogames Stockholm.

Information about Kajsa Bergqvist

The high jumper and Olympic bronze medallist, Kajsa Bergqvist, was the first Swedish woman to jump above two meters. She holds the Swedish record for women’s outdoors high jump at 2,06 m, and she’s also the world record holder of the indoor record at 2,08 m. Kajsa Bergqvist also won World and European gold medals in high jump, indoors as well as outdoors. Kajsa will be competing in tennis alongside Maria Strandlund Tomsvik.

Information about Mattias Sunneborn

Long jumper and athlete, Mattias Sunneborn, is a multiple Swedish Championship medallist in long jump, but is also credited with two long jump indoors medals; a European Championships gold medal and a World Championship silver medal. Currently Mattias Sunneborn occupies himself as a personal trainer and lecture, and recently participated in Swedish TV-show Mästarnas Mästare. In EuroGames Stockholm 2015 he will be competing alongside Veteranlandslaget M40 (Magnus Nilsson, Angel Ahola, Peter Wallin) at 4x100m.

Information about Matilda Ekholm

Table tennis playerMatilda Ekholm is a European Championship bronze medallist in table tennis. Matilda Ekholm is ranked as the 60th best female table tennis player in the world.

Information about EuroGames Stockholm 2015

EuroGames is one of the world’s largest LGBTQ events and was founded by European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) in 1992 in order to prevent discrimination, as well as to promote and support the right to do sports regardless of gender and sexual identity. EuroGames is arranged three times each decade and involves a sportive, cultural and political program.

EuroGames Stockholm welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, or religion. In 2013 Stockholm was choose as the host city of EuroGames 2015, which is expected to attract more than 5000 participants, as well as 250 000 visitors from all over the world. EuroGames Stockholm is organized in collaboration with Stockholm, the Sports Administration, Stockholm Sports Federation and RFSL.''

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